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SPONSORSHIP OF TALENTED CHILDREN Some children in Amsterdam are incredibly talented on the piano, but they simply don’t have the means at home to develop it. The ARTIMUSICA Foundation supports young Amsterdam-based pianists through its Young Pianist Talent Program. The foundation mediates between potential sponsors and talented pupils and facilitates the development of their piano talent on a high level. ARTIMUSICA focuses on basic investments: a study piano for daily practice, a trimester or year of piano lessons, the tuning of the piano for a year or lesson books.

RELEVANCE OF MUSIC EDUCATION Music education in the Netherlands has changed drastically over the past two decades. Music schools receive less and less subsidies which has led to the closing down of dozens of music schools. Young talent music education has been developing at the same time, but is too expensive for most parents. Although this development is partly compensated by a municipal subsidy for children of parents without financial means, less children seem to have access to high quality music lessons than before. This is an urgent societal challenge to tackle. Especially when considering the clear benefits of classical music practice for young children’s development, as has been amply demonstrated in academic research. ARTIMUSICA sets out to address this challenge by focusing on private donations for and sponsorships of talented children.

HOW IT WORKS Donators fund one or more investments needed for a pupil in the Young Pianist Talent Program. If ANBI application is successful: donors can deduct their donations up to 150% at the Dutch tax office, and meanwhile support the arts while doing so. Sponsors can support a talented young pianist as well, for example for a whole year in exchange for brand awareness and publicity through the regular channels of the foundation and associated organizations.


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